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Jib Animation
Production Services International offers Jimmy Jib Camera Jibs available for use with our Camera's or with your cameras. Available to use with your Canon or Fuji Lens. PSI or Trained Operator Required.


7.5'X10' Fast Fold and Truss
9'X12' Fast Fold and Truss
10.5' X 14' Fast Fold and Truss
12' x 16' Truss
15' x 20' Truss
7.5' X13.3' Truss
9' X 16' Truss
10.5' X18.5' Truss
12' X 21.25' Truss
15' X 27' Truss
18' X 32' Truss
18' X 80' Ultra Wide Lace and Gromet
6' and 8' Tripod Screens
Full Black Velour Dress Kits
12 X 12 Retractable Screens


Grass Valley Turbo iDDR
DT Videolabs - Playback Pro - Mac Based
AJA KI Pro/Rack Hard Disk Recorders
Panasonic SVHS Deck
Phillips DVD-R Deck
Pioneer PV-LX1 Deck
Sony BVW 75
Sony UVW 1700
Sony DVCAM 1800
Sony DVCAM 1500
Sony HVR-1500A HDV
Sony DVCAM 45

Presentation Support

MasterCue V4 Presentation Control
D'San Perfect Cue
Interlink Powerpoint Remote
BTW Robotic Presidental Teleprompter
Telescript Pro Teleprompter Systems
Carts/Skirts, Welt Stands
Speaker Timing Systems
Hydraulic Lecterns
12" Box Truss Lecturn
Custom built lectuurns
Plexi Lecturns


Custom Mac Rack Computer System
Dell Laptop Computers
MacBook Pro Laptop Computers
Mac Towers with Final Cut Pro
Disc Makers Elite Pro2 CD/DVD Duplicator
Extron Interface Units
Fargo ID Printers / Encoders
Wireless Routing
Network Printers
Portable Office cases

Technology Backbone

All Canare Digital 75Ohm Cable
Comprehensive Digital VGA Cable


Benq 20" Flat LCD
JVC 27"
Marshal Triple LCD
Panasonic 37" Wide Sceen Plasma
Panasonic 50" HDTV Screen Plasma
Sony/Samsung 40,46,50,52,55,60,65 HDTV Monitors
Samsung 47" Touchscreen LCD Monitors
Panasonic 9"
Pro View 15" Flat LCD
Samsung 15" Flat LCD
Samsung 17" Flat LCD
Samsung 19" Flat LCD
Samsung 20" Flat LCD
Scanport 18" Flat LCD
Sony 15" Flat LCD


Barco HDX W18 DLP 1080 P 18K
Christie Roadster S+12K 12,000 Lumen DLP
Christie DW6K HD 7000 Lumen DLP
Christie LX650 6500 Lumens LCD
Eiki LC-X6 6500 Lumen
Eiki LC-1100 4100 Lumen
Eiki LC-XB25 2500 Lumen
Eiki LC-XB262600 Lumen
Eiki LC-XB27N 2500 Lumen
Eiki LC-XB28 3000 Lumen
Panasonic 7700 7000 Lumen
Sanyo PLC-XP46 4100 Lumen LCD
Various Lens Options


Sony 1024 HD Scan Converter
Folsom Image Pro HD/3G
Folsom Image Pro SDI
Folsom Presentation Pro
Folsom Screen Pro
Folsom Screen Pro Remote
Folsom Screen Pro Plus 16x4
Folsom Screen Pro Plus Remote
Grass Valley Indigo w/Hi Res
Newtek Tricaster
AJA FIDO Fiber Converters
Extron RGBHV DAs
Extron VGA DAs
Extron GLI DAs
Extron HDSDI DA's
Extron Video DAs
Panasonic MX-30
Panasonic AV-HS450 HD Switcher
Vista Spider System 1608


Sony D50 WS Camera Systems
Sony BVP 950 WS Camera Systems
Full Triax CCU Kits Remotes
Vinten Tripod Systems
Sony Studio Kits
Fujinon 20x with Doubler Lens
Fujinon 50x with Doubler Lens
Fujinon 55X with Doubler Lens
Fujinon 36X with Doubler Lens
Fujinon 16x Lens
Full Fujinon Studio Kits
Spider Pod Platform Systems
Canon XL2 Digital Camera
Canon XLH1 HD Digital Camera


Clear One Telephone Interfaces
PolyCom Video Conference Systems
Full Telephone and Video Confernce
Newtek Web Cast Codec
Polycom Speaker Phones Analog and VoIP

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Our services include, but are not limited to:
- Event Planning
- Venue and Location planning and contracting
- Negotiating and contracting a venue or location
- Contract management
- Travel Coordination
- Event theme design and implementation
- Design and production of design elements
- Attendee Registration
- Full service A/V
- Press management
- Photo op management
- Trade show management

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