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Salt Lake City - 801.716.6000

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Telex BTR-500 UHF
Telex BP1000
Telex BP2000
Telex Headsets
Technical Projects Base Stations
Technical Projects Beltpacks
Technical Projects Headsets
Clear Com MS220
Clear Com MS440
Clear Com Beltpacks
Clear Com Headsets
Clear Com TW12B RTS Interface
Beyer Dynamic Headsets
Nextel Phone/Radios
Motorola Radios
HME BS-200 Wireless Com

Soft Goods

12'x20' FiberOptic Curtain
16' Commando Drape
16' Velour Drape
16' Presidential Blue Velour Drape
16' Grey Velour Drape
18" Truss Border
20' Black Velour Drape
20' Blue Velour Drape
20' Grey Velour Drape
20' x 40' Black Backdrop
28' x 56' Cyc
30' Commando Drape
30' x 40' Black Backdrop
30' x 40' Cyc
30" Truss Border
4' Teaser
5' Control Drape
5'6" Teaser
Traveller Track w/Curtain
30' X 50' Chiffon Backdrop
Various sizes of State and US Flags


#1 Feeder Cable
#2 Feeder Cable
2/O Feeder Cable
4/O Feeder Cable
Cable Ramps
Custom 3 Phase AC Distros
Furman Power Conditioners
Galaxy Far Outlets
Lex 3 Phase AC Distros
Motion Labs 3 Phase AC Distros
Philmore ST1000 Power Transformers
Whirlwind Power Conditioners
MultiQuip Studio Generator 180 KW
Truck Mounted 100 KW Generator

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Our services include, but are not limited to:
- Event Planning
- Venue and Location planning and contracting
- Negotiating and contracting a venue or location
- Contract management
- Travel Coordination
- Event theme design and implementation
- Design and production of design elements
- Attendee Registration
- Full service A/V
- Press management
- Photo op management
- Trade show management

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