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Static Fixtures

9 Light - Mole Fay
Air Star Crystal 160
Arri Studio 1000 watt Fresnel
Arri Studio 2000 watt Fresnel
Cyc Light
ETC Source 4 Leko 5 degree
ETC Source Four Leko - 10
ETC Source Four Leko - 14
ETC Source Four Leko - 19
ETC Source Four Leko - 26
ETC Source Four Leko - 36
ETC Source Four Leko - 50
ETC Source Four Leko - Zoom
ETC Source Four PAR
ETC Source Four PARnel
Mini Blinder
MR16 Mini Striplight
Par 38 (150w, 250w)
Par 46 (200W)
Par 64 (1k, 500w, ACL)


ETC 96x2.4 Sensor Rack
ETC24x2.4 Sensor Rack
ETC36x2.4 Sensor Rack
ETC48x2.4 Sensor Rack
Leprecon LD360HP
Leprecon VX2400 - 12x2.4

Special FX

20" Mirror Ball
4' Blacklite
American DJ Bubble Machine
Apollo Gobo Rotator
Confetti Cannon
Confetti Blowers
DF50 Hazer - Oil Based
DF50 Hazer - Water Based
Diversatronic 50W Strobe
Diversatronic Strobe Cannon
Egg Strobe
F-100 Fogger
Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe Scroller
Martin QFX150 Fibersource
Police Beacon
Wildfire Blacklite
Wybron ColorRam II Scroller
Wybron Fore Runner Color Scroller

HMI Lighting

Strand Sirio 6K Fresnel
Strand Sirio 6k Par
Strand Sirio 4K Fresnel
Strand Sirio 4K Par
Arri 1.8K M18


Avolites Pearl 2004
Avolites Pearl 2008 Tiger
Avollites Pear Expert
Avolites Pearl Tiger Wing
ETC Expression III (800 ch)
HES Technobeam LCD
HES Road Hod Full Boar
HES Whole Hog II
HES Whole Hog Wing
HES Whole Hog Remote
Jands Vista S3
Jands Vista T2
Leprecon LP1524
Leprecon LP1548
Leprecon LP2000 (72 Ch)
Leprecon LP612
Martin Light Jockey
Grand MA 2 Lite

Moving Fixtures

HES Studio Color 575
HES Technobeam
Martin Mac 2000 Performance
Martin Mac 2000 Profile
Martin Mac 2000 Wash
Martin Mac 250 Krypton
Martin Mac 500
Martin Mac 600
Marin Mac 700
Matin Mac 101

LED Fixtures

Coemar LED Parlite
Coemar Stagelite
Color Kinetics Color Blast 12
James Thomas Pixel Line 110
James Thomas Pixel Par 90


Arri Studio 1000 8-way Barn Door
Arri Studio 2000 8-way Barn Door
Drop-In Iris
Gobo Catalog
Gobo Rotator
Opto Splitter


Lycian 1267 - 400 HTI
Lycian 1266 - 400 HTI
Lycian 1275

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Our services include, but are not limited to:
- Event Planning
- Venue and Location planning and contracting
- Negotiating and contracting a venue or location
- Contract management
- Travel Coordination
- Event theme design and implementation
- Design and production of design elements
- Attendee Registration
- Full service A/V
- Press management
- Photo op management
- Trade show management

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